Accurate & Reliable Multi-Gas Transformer Fault Detection and Oil Test Data Interpretation Diagnostic Software

Dissolved gas analysis (DGA) is widely accepted to be one of the most effective tools available for assessing the operational health of large, liquid-filled transformers. Principal Sales is proud to market the quality products of Morgan Schaffer, makers of the Calisto line of Online DGA Monitors for power transformers and other oil-filled electrical assets.

Morgan Schaffer DGA equipment gives you the confidence that comes from knowing that your equipment is protected by the most accurate, reliable and cost-effective DGA monitoring equipment. Calisto Online DGA monitors ensure early detection of impending failures, cost-efficient, condition-based maintenance programs and optimal loading decisions. Myrkos portable gas analyzers provide on-site, lab-quality DGA data when you need it, where you need it.

Having trouble understanding or knowing what to do with your overwhelming amount of DGA data? Inside View Insulating Oil Diagnostic Software seamlessly integrates with your IT infrastructure and easily centralizes data collection and presents it in rapidly understood read-outs, through tables, trends and Duval Triangle Analysis.

Inside View diagnostic software is an oil test data interpretation tool that centralizes data for fast and easy accessibility, integrates data from multiple sources for proactive risk management, performs comprehensive data analysis to ensure only necessary alerts and monitors up to 100 types of oil-related data to provide insightful condition assessments and interpretations.

Questions? Contact Principal Sales, Inc. Today! stands ready to assist you with the right DGA equipment for your needs. Our technical advisory service provides application consulting, product demonstrations, site walkdowns/measurements and more. We also enjoy the full cooperation of all principals and factory engineers to ensure proper product selection and application.

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