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Principal Sales, Inc. is proud to market the quality products of Dynamic Ratings. The random nature of transformer failures makes it extremely difficult to capture impending failures using periodic time based condition monitoring techniques. The presence of on line transformer monitoring can greatly improve the ability to capture impending failures early enough to allow a scheduled shutdown and outage thereby preventing major failures. Dynamic Ratings' comprehensive transformer monitoring systems solutions can be designed to economically monitor most of the common transformer failure modes including windings, bushings, LTCís and others.

Principal Sales, Inc. understands that utilities are producing and distributing more power, running assets harder but the budgets and manpower used to service and support the infrastructure is shrinking. Transformer monitoring can be a key element in helping managers survive in a work environment that continually expects more to be achieved with less. Dynamic Ratings' transformer monitoring, control and communications systems can provide utilities, private power producers and industrialís with numerous benefits including improved system reliability, reduced maintenance cost and improved safety.

Dynamic Ratings recognizes that there is no single solution that will work for every application and as a result, offers multiple hardware platforms and different levels of service and support to ensure customers get the desired benefits of their monitoring solution investment.

The C50 Series product provides a powerful platform for customers who prefer to manage the configuration and implementation of their monitoring/control/communication systems themselves. The product is provided with configuration software that makes device setup and configuration easy. The system automatically detects what hardware is installed and will only prompt the user for information regarding features that are relevant to that hardware set. This saves time and reduces the risk of error in the configuration process. Optionally, Dynamic Ratings offers Engineering services for the DR-C50, but unlike the DR-E3, these services are not automatically included.

The E Series product provides an equally powerful and highly configurable hardware platform for utilities who need custom tailored solutions. Our application engineers will work with the utility or the transformer manufacturer to develop the optimal monitoring solution to meet the customerís needs. We will then manufacture, program and test the custom solution to verify compliance with customer expectations following our ISO 9001 certified policies and processes. Our field service provides field verification of the final installation to ensure that all aspects of the implementation are correct and fully functional. Model DR-E3 is the cornerstone of these solutions, monitoring and managing all the information on the transformer and providing diagnostics and customized communication in multiple formats.

Questions? Contact Principal Sales, Inc. Today! stands ready to assist you with the right transformer monitoring equipment for your needs. Our technical advisory service provides application consulting, product demonstrations, site walkdowns/measurements and more. We also enjoy the full cooperation of all principals and factory engineers to ensure proper product selection and application.

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