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Reduce or Even Eliminate Expensive Animal-Induced Power Outages and Substation Equipment Damage

Principal Sales, Inc. is proud to offer the best solution available to substation asset managers for mitigating expensive, animal-induced power outages. CRITTER GUARD products keep squirrels and other animals away from transformers and substations, dramatically reducing costs associated with the nuisance outages they can induce. This allows utilities to better meet reliability targets, which in turn means less disruption in service to their customers.

The CRITTER GUARD product line consists of Line Guard, and Pole Guard. Both of these systems are defined by one characteristic, NO ACCESS. The products are designed for years of service in all weather conditions. This unique product line is injection molded of heavy-duty polypropylene, highly resistant to environmental stress cracking and weathering, and of course UV protection to maintain color quality.

The Pole Guard is installed around a wooden pole to block critter access originating from the ground up. It is manufactured with Celcon Acetal Copolymer that delivers high tensile strength with unmatched durability. Installs in minutes, with virtually no down time or inconvenience to the customer.

The Line Guard is designed to be installed on above-ground, overhead power lines and/or cabling by qualified contractors of power, telephone or cable companies. The Line Guard is an injection-molded, polypropylene, light-weight, gray material with high-quality ultra violet protection.

Have questions? stands ready to assist you with selecting the products to meet your specific requirements. Our technical advisory service can provide application consulting, product demonstrations, site walkdowns/measurements and more. We enjoy the full cooperation of all principals and factory engineers to ensure proper product selection and application. Please spend some time to review the information on this website, then contact us at your convenience.

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