Extend the Life, Improve Performance & Reliability with The DryKeep® Power Transformer Dryout System

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DryKeep® System product line, the Original On-line Molecular Sieve Dry-out System for Power Transformers. This system maintains appropriate moisture levels in power transformers, extending the life and improving the performance of your most valuable substation assets.

The DryKeep® SMART (SCADA Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) design includes permanently installed moisture-in-oil sensors and a PLC-based monitoring and control system. The dry-out process is monitored and regulated continuously to ensure proper results. The operator interface (HMI) displays the estimated percentage of moisture in the paper, incoming and outgoing moisture-in-oil in parts per million, oil temperature, system status and alarms, pump operation, and flow integrity.

SCADA-ready & SMART designed for the Smart Grid, this system provides continuous on-line moisture reduction and monitoring. Extends the life of both new and old transformers while lowering costs, increasing reliability and safety. Low cost and virtually maintenance-free.

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