Full range of high quality indoor and outdoor disconnect switches for voltages ranging from 15 to 800kV. Advanced Motor Control & Monitoring for Smart Grid Integration

Principal Sales, Inc. is proud to represent the quality products of Mindcore Technologies. MindCore Technologies offers a complete range of indoor and outdoor disconnect switches with voltage ratings from 15 to 800kV. Designed in compliance with the industry standards of ANSI C37, IEC62271-102 and CSA, Mindcore Technologies is recognized at several electric utilities as offering one of the highest quality disconnect switches on the market. The combination of EHT Internationalís Smart Control and Monitoring products with the high quality disconnect switches from Mindcore Technologies enables Principal Sales Inc.'s customers to benefit from a complete and best-in-class solution for the operation and monitoring of HV substation and distribution disconnect switches.

Principal Sales, Inc. understands that utility assets managers are faced with substation disconnect switches that are nearing the end of their useful life. We can provide quality replacement disconnect switches to help you avoid potential outages associated with aging equipment. Also, Smart Motor Control and Monitoring of disconnect switches can reduce maintenance, overheating and other causes of premature failure, while providing predictive and preventive maintenance data for Smart Grid Integration.

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Mindcore Technologies Substation Disconnect Switch Data Sheets

Mindcore Technologies Distribution Disconnect Switch Data Sheets

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