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Principal Sales is a substation electrical equipment manufacturer’s representative organization serving electrical utilities, industrials, engineering firms, consulting firms and testing companies. Our high quality product lines are designed to cost-effectively address the major substation maintenance and substation equipment replacement issues encountered by today's electric utility asset managers. Our firm is built on a long history of service to customers in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Western Virginia and Western Pennsylvania.

Principal Sales has developed long-term relationships with the customers in our service area, including asset managers, engineers and other principals from the major regional electric utilities American Electric Power and First Energy. We understand the problems encountered by substation asset managers as well as the pressures on today's power industry to maintain a reliable and affordable product while dealing with a complex and changing regulatory environment and shrinking capital and O&M budgets.

Principal Sales brings value to our customers by possessing an in-depth knowledge of our substation equipment product lines and their applications, as well as having the full cooperation of factory engineers. In addition, our expert technical advisory services is designed to ensure selection of the right products for your application, and to overcome any design challenges encountered. In short, Principal Sales provides all the tools you need to maintain a superior electrical substation asset management plan.

Principal Sales markets quality product lines that can help you to control, protect, monitor and extend the life of your valuable electrical substation assets. Our current product lines include the following categories of equipment and systems:

High Accuracy Instrument Transformers for Protection, Metering and Control

Reduce Maintenance Costs & Reliability with Transformer On-line Condition Monitoring

Dramatically Reduce Expensive, Animal-Induced Outages & Substation Equipment Damage

Dry, Molded and Oil-filled Instrument Transformers for new applications and replacement of aging equipment. Custom fit, high accuracy instrument transformers for current & voltage applications from generation through transmission and sub-transmission to distribution systems. Original instrument transformer designs from selected 600 volt through 230 kV units.

Comprehensive Transformer Asset Health Monitoring Systems can be designed to economically monitor most of the common transformer failure modes including windings, bushings, LTC’s and others. Greatly improve the ability to capture impending failures early enough to allow a scheduled shutdown and outage thereby preventing major failures.

Pole Guard and Line Guard keep squirrels and other animals away from your transformers and substations, dramatically reducing costs associated with the nuisance outages and equipment damage they can induce. Unique product line is injection molded of heavy-duty polypropylene, highly resistant to environmental stress cracking and weathering.

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Questions? Contact Principal Sales, Inc. Today! stands ready to assist you with the right products for your substation asset management plan. Our technical advisory service provides application consulting, product demonstrations, site walkdowns/measurements and more. We also enjoy the full cooperation of all principals and factory engineers to ensure proper product selection and application.

We invite you to spend some time reviewing the information on our website, then contact us at your convenience. Thank you for visiting and we looking forward to hearing from you.

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